Our Beliefs


need data privacy and should earn rewards for sharing their shopping preferences


will boost customer lifetime value when they use rewarding experiences to build relationships with customers


will improve monetization when consumers engage with personalized, interactive ads

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Bixy is a meCommerce platform

/mee-kom-ers/ noun

1. Consumers control their ad and shopping preferences. 2. Rewards save consumers money on the products they buy. 3. Brands reach the right people based on the right data without invading the privacy of consumers. 4. Brands and publishers improve customer lifetime value.


Bixy wants consumers to get value from online ads and protect consumer data at the same time. (Bixy is GDPR compliant.) By putting the needs of consumers first, brands and publishers also win.


Suzi is a runner. She wants to see ads that sell running gear from the brands she likes or might like. If those ads were personalized and occasionally saved her money, she'd buy more running gear and be more informed when she makes a purchase.

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We're a startup and want to connect with people who also believe in a consumer-controlled advertising approach that delivers more value for consumers, brands, and publishers. Please get in touch with us at info@bixy.com.

Want to learn more? Check out our blog at blog.bixy.com.